Podume    Primary
 Klam's value  Spin  Mu Portal
Mutability  Divergence  Home station
Brown     Bakerloo  1.00  0  Yes  +5keV  Hampster  Transient  Baker Street
Red   Central  5.00  0.5  Alternates  +4keV  Ruby  Perpendicular  Bond Street
Yellow   Circle  10.00  0  Yes  +5keV  Sulphur  Normal  Monument
Green   District  4.00  0  Yes  -3keV  Emerald  Geometric  Earl's Court
Orange   East London  9.00  1  No  +2keV  Bezantine  Parallel  Canada Water
Pink   Hammersmith & City 6.00  -1  Variable  -4keV  Coral  Ellipsoid  Hammersmith
Grey   Jubilee  2.00  0  Yes  +5keV  Silver  Tangential  London Bridge
Maroon   Metropolitan  12.00  -0.5  Yes  +4keV  Magenta  Quaternary  Chalfont & Latimer
Black   Northern  11.00  1  Yes  +4keV  Carbon  Hyperbolic  Euston
  Piccadilly  8.00  1  Omicron  -2keV  Sapphire  Cissoid  Acton Town
Powder Blue   Victoria  7.00  -0.5  Yes  +6keV  Boron  Witch (Agnesi)  Victoria
Eau-de-Nil   Waterloo & City  3.00  -1  Kappa  +5keV  Turquoise  Lemniscate  Waterloo
White   D.L.R. and
 20.00  0  No  +10keV  Diamond  Cardioid  Bank
Purple   H & C and
 3.50  1  Kappa  +3keV  Violet  Proper  Moorgate
Cerise   Central  6.50  0.5  Yes  +6keV  Pink  Incoherent  Lancaster Gate
Puce   District  0.50  0  Yes  -7.5keV  Sludge  Magnetic  East Putney
Hampster   Bakerloo  pi  0  Yes  +2keV  Agate  Conical  Kenton
Indigo   Victoria  24.00  0  Yes  -5keV  Granite  Evolute  Blackhorse Road
Viridian   Circle  18.00  1  Nu  -5keV  Green  Involute  Bayswater
Violet   Jubilee  16.00  0.5  Unknown  -5keV  Lilac  Tractrix  Queensbury
Lilac   East London  4.80  0.5  No  -5keV  Puce  Sine  Rotherhithe
Sludge   Piccadilly  0.01  -0.5  No  -15keV  Bakerlite  Exponential  Osterley
Zebra   D.L.R.  19.00  0  Yes  +2keV  Dalmatian  Turgid  Stratford
Sky Blue / Pink   (Any)  128.00  -2  No  +20keV  Rare Earth  Violent  Embankment
Red & White   Escalators  12.50  0  Yes  +25keV  Silicon  Cubical  Holborn
Dalmatian   Croydon Tramway  17.50  0  No  -5keV  Tin  Harmonic  Wimbledon
Bezantine   Mainline
 164.00  3  Yes  +5keV  Bronze  Foliate  Kings Cross St.P.
Magenta    Magenta stations 222.00  0  Yes  +1.5keV  Copper  Split  Covent Garden
Aluminium   North
 169.00  -0.5  Strongly  -0.5keV  (note f1)  Neutral  Canonbury
Zinc   W & C  30.00  0.5  Yes  +0.5keV  (note f1)  Invective  Waterloo
Copper   Lifts  210.25 1.5   Usually  +10keV  (note f1)  Ordinary  Hampstead
Brass   Moving
 208.00  0.5  Delta -0.5keV  (note f1)   N/A  Bank
Bronze   Pedestrian
 206.00 -0.5   Epsilon  +5keV  (note f1)  Basic  South Kensington
Silver   (Any)  552.25  2  Zero  +15keV  (note f1)  Limacon  Russell Square
Gold   (Any)  1560.25  2  Yes  +35keV  (note f1)  Circular  Liverpool St.
Platinum   (Any)  1521.00  2.5  No  +35keV  (note f1)  Spherical  West Hampstead
Iron, Cobalt   Northern 53.00  1  Certainly not !  +8eV  (note f1)  Mordant  Woodside Park
Alkali metals   Victoria (Note b1)  -1  Yes -12keV  (note f1)  Diffuse  Seven Sisters
Alkali earths   Circle (Note b2)  -2  Yes  -6keV  (note f1)  Cuboid  Cannon Street
Rare Earths   District (Note b3)  -3  Psi  -3keV  (note f1)  Deviant  Southfields
Silicon & Metalloids   Jubilee Atomic
Number + 3
 0.5  (note d1)  +1keV  (note f1)  Harmonic  Southwark
Transuranic & Radioactive   (Any) (Note b4)  2  Definitely  +4keV  (note f1)  Biharmonic  Whitechapel
Other transition   (Note a1) (Note b5)  1 Yes  +5keV  (note f1)  Various  (Various)
Other Group III & IV    Piccadilly (Note b6)  -1  Not usually  -5keV  (note f1)  Radical  Charing Cross
Mild Steel     Above ground
Sections only
48.00  0  No  +3keV  (note f1)  N/A  Royal Albert
Stainless Steel    D.L.R. 88.00  1  No  +5keV  (note f1)  N/A  Poplar
Other Metals     (Note a1) Various  (note c1)  Yes  +5keV  (note f1)  Various  (Various)
Carbon (Graphite)    Northern 144.00  1  Yes  +2keV  (note f1)  Direct  Leicester Square
Halogens     Metropolitan (Note b7)  -1  No  -7keV  (note f1)  Polarised  Pinner
Bakerlite    Bakerloo 26.00  0  You must be joking  +0.1keV  (note f1)  N/A  Lambeth North
Nylon    Jubilee 19.00  0  No  +0.2keV  (note f1)  Primitive  Canons Park
Boron    Waterloo & City 5.00  1  Occasionally  -2keV  (note f1)  Cyclical  Bank
Emerald    District 1936.00  1  Yes  +3keV  (note f1)  Sinusoidal  Kew Gardens
Sapphire    Piccadilly 2112.00  2  Oh yes.  +5keV  (note f1)  Bipolar  Southgate
Ruby    Central 2880.00  2  Certainly  +7keV  (note f1)  Transient  St.Paul's
Diamond    All lines 4891.00  3.5  Strongest  +45keV  (note f1)  Tetrahedral  Tottenham Court Road
Turquoise    Victoria 240.00  1  Zeta  +15keV  (note f1)  Protean  Brixton
Agate    Bakerloo & Northern 127.00  0  No  +3keV  (note f1)  Mutated  Elephant & Castle
Pearl    East London 232.00  0.5  Yes  +2keV  (note f1)  N/A  Shoreditch
Coral    Escalators 177.50  0.5  No  +6keV  (note f1)  Jagged  Chancery Lane
Sulphur    Circle 128.00  -1  Nope  -20keV  (note f1)  Reverse  Aldgate
P.V.C.    Lifts 42.00  0  Zero  +0.5keV Polyester  N/A  Chalk Farm
Ployester    Ventilation shafts 1.74  0  Horrible thought  +0.5keV Polystyrene  Unknown  Euston Road
Ploystyrene    No known use 1.36  0  No  +0.5keV  (note f1)  Weak  Silvertown
other plastic   (Note a2) 1<x<3  0  No  +0.5keV  (note f2)  Various  (Various)
Oak    "Outside the circle" 48.00  0  No  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  Oakwood
Elm    Unknown 45.00  0  Yes  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  Elm Park
Ash (tree)    Above ground stations 43.00  0  No  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  Chesham
Deal    Ghost stations 32.25  0  Zero  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  Brill
Mahogany    "Inside the circle" 41.75  0  Lambda  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  Regent's Park
Walnut    Interchanges only 64.00  0  No  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  Green Park
Yew    Holy stations 56.00  0  No  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  St.James's Park
other woods    (Note a3) 28<x<80
(Note b8)
 0  No  +0.2keV  (note f1)  (note g1)  (Various)
Granite    All stations
deeper than 50ft
27.00  0  Xi  -0.3keV  (note f1)  Immutable  Bull & Bush
Sandstone    (Note a4) 24.50  0  Zero  -0.3keV  (note f1)  Crumbly  Goodge Street
Limestone    (Note a4) 26.50  0  Zero  -0.3keV  (note f1)  Static  Old Street
Marble    (Note a4) 27.25  0  Xi  -0.3keV  (note f1)  Varied  Knightsbridge
other rocks    (Note a4) (Note b9)  0  (note d2)  -0.3keV  (note f1)  Various  (Various)
Magnetic   All lines Variable  -2  Unknown  Variable  (note f1)  Magnetic  Great Portland Street
  All lines + infinity  (note c2)  Unknown  + infinity  (note f1)  Does not
Frozen   All lines 0  0  No  0  (note f1)  Static  Mansion House
Anti-matter   All lines - infinity  (note c2)  Unknown  - infinity  (note f1)  Unknown  Unknown

Note a1 : Varies with element : (Consult Standard Elemental Podume Relationships; Farquharson & Farquharson , 1977 Bloomsbury)
Note a2 : The line relationship of sundry plastic podumes is currently a subject of heated debate and argument between CAMREC & IMCS
Note a3 : Consult any of the many publications of The Forestry Commission MC Society for an up-to-date and comprehensive table.
Note a4 : There is disagreement between the various geological societies as to the precise line relationships of many of the rocks. However as a rule the Yerkes Tube lines are all compatible.

Note b1 : Square of Atomic Number
Note b2 : Square of Atomic Number divided by 2
Note b3 : square root of Atomic Number
Note b4 : Square of Atomic Number divided by 3
Note b5 : (At.No. * 2) : + 1 (if even), -1 (if odd)
Note b6 : Square of Atomic Number divided by (period number - 2)
Note b7 : (Halogens) : Solidified Bromine 36, Iodine 196, Astatine 112 {F, Cl excluded as gases}
Note b8: (Woods, sundry) : The lowest wood is Balsa (28), the highest Lignum Vitae (80), for detailed information on wooden podumes consult Wooden and other vegetable podumes; Smodley & Planchard 1936 OUP
Note b9 : (Rocks, sundry) Average Specific Gravity x 10

Note c1 : Spin of "other metals" can only take the values 0,+0.5 & +1 : Most are +1
Note c2 : Unknown : suspected to be infinite. No-one has yet been brave enough to find out.

Note d1 : Silicon & Germanium : Yes; all other metalloids : No
Note d2
: All other rocks except Schist and Basalt : No; Schist : Xi; Basalt : Sigma variable

Note f1 : Unmutable
Note f2 : Some other plastics are mutable, most can only be discovered by trial and error.

Note g1 : Refer to The Forestry Commission MC Society's groundbreaking work on the divergence of wooden podumes.