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Mystery Crescent III: The Re-make

Welcome to the game of Mornington Crescent.

Since I've just won MWP's Delphi-style Mystery game on the third move, here's another one. I've got a clue, but I'll give you a while first.

The current state of play is:

  • Blob, Arisaig: Sudbury Town - Initiating a short Town cascade if my Fronsky isn't fibbing.
  • Herr Bratsche, Aston: Acton Town - [Blob] Happy to play along with that.
  • H, The Wilderness: Camden Town - Have you ever come across a long Town Cascade? :-)
  • Herr Bratsche, Aztec West: Morden - I suppose it's too obvious?
  • waitingforgod, Canon St: Kensington High Street - novice move?
  • Blob, Benbecula: Brent Cross - Foe a bit of shopping - I hate shopping malls
  • nev4169, Oz: Camden Town - Much better market there. Shunting H to Hillingdon
  • H, Somewhere in time: Hillingdon - Why not? [Nev] In Mystery Crescent one has to guess the winning move.
  • Blob, Lewis with Harris: Moorgate - Squamphing diametrically.
  • Ibid, Up creek sans paddle: Gloucester Road - There is method in my madness, and if anyone knows a good psychiatrist, I'd like to find out what the method is.
  • H, 22 Acacia Avenue: Neasden
  • Yer Mom, Work again: Hounslow Central - Handy. Well, handy for Hounslow, anyway.
  • Projoy, offworld: Latimer Road
  • Blob, Gigha: Alperton - ... far too obvious, I know ... but worth a shot I thought.
  • H, Running to the hills: Caledonian Road - You never know...
  • Yer Mom, Guess: White City
  • Ibid, in a state of confusion: Stanmore
  • CdM: Angel
  • Lord Blue-Glass, Castle Bleuverre: Queen's Park - [Ibid] You're confused? I don't even know what we're all aiming at!
  • H, At sea, albatross round neck: Holborn - Obviously!!!
  • Blob, swimming: Mornington Crescent - Well, this could be a huge double-bluff couldn't it !
  • Ibid, not waving: South Kensington - I doubt we'd be that lucky
  • Yer Mom, Home: Paddington - (forced)
  • Herr Bratsche, Within spitting distance of the M5/M4: Parsons Green - Amen.
  • Blob: Wembley Park - It's obvious really.
  • ImNotJohn, becalmed: Arnos Grove - Who was Arno anyway?
  • Ibid: Boston Manor - How long do we have to keep guessing before we get a clue?
  • Yer Mom, Home: Heathrow Terminal 4 - Look! Aeroplanes!
  • Blob, In a queue on the M42: Northolt - More in sorrow than in anger ... and keeping up the train of thought (plane of thought ?) from Yer Mom's move.
  • Barru the Time Sprout, Elvis' head: OK, I'll take pity on you all - Here's the best clue I can come up with, but I'm very bad at setting cryptic clues so you'll probably get it instantly ...

    Sailor and fish whistle a note in a ditty.
  • Barry the Time Sprout, Elvis' head: - Can't even spell my own name any more, can I, so I haven't got a hope of foxing you with the clue, particularly Blob, whose facility on the cryptic front is frankly a source of fear to me ...
  • Blob, On the bridge of the "Victory" methinks: Turnpike Lane - Royal Navy Pike with "La" in Tune - lovely
  • Blob, er ?: - You mean it wasn't Turnpike Lane or has something gone horribly wrong - perhaps <--- Turnpike Lane ---> will do the trick ?
  • : - Nuts forgot the exclamation mark in the comment - I'll have one last bash then assume that it isn't Turnpike Lane after all - but it'd be a hell of a coincidence - anyway here goes ....
  • : -
  • Blob: - Turnpike Lane
  • Blob (in Turnpike Lane), Turnpike Lane: Tunpike Lane (that's Turnpike Lane) - Turnpike Lane, <b;>Turnpike Lane</b>, Turnpike Lane, <b;>Turnpike Lane</b>, <i;>Turnpike Lane</i>,<i;>Turnpike Lane</i>

    Game won by Blob (in Turnpike Lane)

  • Barry the Time Sprout, Confused: Correct! - Well done! (not to detract from your success, but like I said, I knew you'd get it.) Don't know why that took so long working, obviously the Delphi-style doesn't extend to checking the "Move" variables for a winning move, or something. But then again when I won MWP's one Hainault was definitely my "Move" ... my brain hurts. Blob, what did you do different the last time?
  • Blob: Turnp .... - Yipppeeee ! At last .... not sure what worked there but something did in the end ... and looking at what came out it wasn't any of those <b> marked moves coz. I did something silly with semicolons by the looks of it.

    Anyway many thanks to all players - especially to BTTS for setting it all up and giving such a nice clue at the end. Please do pop round for celebratory drinks at my place.

  • Dunx, Slough of Despond: Turnpike Lane - The Move is checked, but it always expects a single character markup. Always. [BtTS] You put your winning move in MWP's game in bold.

    Anyway, sorry for the confusion.

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Last updated 15-February-2021