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Tolken: Much Celery Before Bedtime. It's near Diss. Not Dis.
Tuj: Ghent? Ghent. Ghent Ghent GHENT!!
Simons Mith: Bloody EU meddling. This banana's only got ten dimensions.
Bismarck : It's "hedgehog", you know. No, you knew. Tomatoes and Basil Fawlty doesn't ring a bell?
Tuj: "I'm afraid there's still too much moisture for us to be able to commit any of this to film. Fingers crossed we can capture that dim fizz before the hour's out." Fortune cookies, always the same.
!Tuj: Sluice my beige aggro! Avast we!
Simons Mith: You can't post Pluto! It's completely impractical. You'd literally have to cover its entire surface area in stamps, and then you'd have nowhere to write the delivery address.
Projoy: I wonder if it was wise to decapitate all of the boys, Headmaster. There may be some difficulties with next term's fees.
Kim: You should try Eau de Itres. Just a dab behind the ankles and the effect is profound.
Projoy: I will vote for yer, but only because I wants onions in me letterbox thrice nightly and a sock of vinegar for them marmosets next door.
Projoy: That new Yellowknife bypass has really sped up the journey to Anchorage.
Raak: The slump of the barrel slump of concrete cylinder slump bucket of concrete the slump of the barrel four piece instrument.
Simons Mith: ... woggle?
Simons Mith: Octopus sorbet. Thank you, matron. I'll take it in the billiard room with the candlestick.
Simons Mith: Now, that was a mighty lick.
Tuj: Format my lemon-processing technology in your own time! It isn't my third sculpture party, y'know?!
Tuj: herrops! That was a shaving cream sandwich.
Tolken: In Indlekeep whereof the tiny creepers.
Tolken: From far enough away, sheep may be confused with mushrooms. This is not so much a possibility as a permission.
Simons Mith: .wamwig
Tuj: "Quack, quack!"! I am a hundred ducks!
Boolbar: My legs are purple, except those two over there.
Simons Mith: Dammit, the Grim Reaper's rummaging in the dustbins again. I may have to get a Super Soaker or something, see if I can drive him off.
Chalky: The corncrake is a fine beast - well, not exactly a beast as such - but fine nonetheless
CdM: There is never a wrong time to apply a second coat of paint to your monotremes.
Simons Mith: Ordinary placebos never work for me. I always need double strength.
Tuj: Step Three: Thickly dice the seahorse liver, jellybeans and mustard, and add to mixture. Sift and set aside.
Tolken: Chim-chimminy-choo.
Tolken: Un train peut en cacher un autre. Ceci n'est pas autant une observation qu'une permission.
Boolbar: More tea vicar? The dwarfs are coming.
Tolken: The fireworks are louder than the artillery shells, Captain Horsefish.
Simons Mith: Ah, how pleasant it is to be three-dimensional at these ambient radiation levels. The neutrino flux is steady and all's well with the proximate orbiting celestial body.
"Cut Throat" Tuj: M! I! T! H! MITH! MITH! MITH!
Tolken: My vacuum cleaner has logged 8.32sqm.
Simons Mith: Let me just consult the voices in my head.

No, voice number 2,317, I'm afraid that won't be feasible. There isn't enough tapioca in the entire quadrant.
CdM: Where exactly does one obtain marmalade ambulance flange wibble? Asking for a friend.
Chalky: Portion control is everything to a Hawaiian nose flute specialist
nights: "Am I depressed or am I just lazy?" Coming soon from NightsPress!
Simons Mith: Ah, I do so love the skirl of the microwave.
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